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Family WalkingIn a county as large as Los Angeles, it is virtually impossible for programs to keep up with service demand for individuals and families. It is even more challenging to couple meeting this service need and achieve a community-level change that impacts individuals beyond those “touched” by a specific service. Therefore, it is the investment in the development of social and organizational networks that affords the best opportunity to address the scope and scale dimensions necessary to ensure child safety, support families, and build on personal and community assets.

The Early Development Instrument (EDI) is a population measure of how young children are developing in communities in the United States. To learn more, click here.

Getting to Scale CoverGetting to Scale: The Elusive Goal – Casey Family Foundation, 2011
This paper highlights the efforts of the people involved in the experiment that is taking place within the Magnolia Community Initiative. It also presents the collective actions and the learning that is at the heart of what it will take to ultimately get beyond the elusive goal of getting to scale and to actually achieve it.

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